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    Bus surveillance video shows child's lucky escape


    by ODN


    As bus driver Mike Hubbard was driving his regular route late one night in San Antonio, Texas he made an unusual discovery.

    A surveillance video shows how Hubbard saw something in the middle of the road. He honked his horn, stopped the bus and then walked out into the middle of the road.

    To his surprise he discovered a baby, dressed in a diaper and looking straight up into the lights of the bus.

    "To me, he looked like he was 8-months old with a Pamper just sitting there. I couldn't really tell if he was eating something or not but his eyes got real big when he saw the big old bus in front of him," he said.

    The child Hubbard found that evening was actually a girl: Destiny Gonzalez. Her mother Catherine told reporters that she does not know what happened that evening over a year ago.

    "We had the door open, but there's a screen door and I had the lock on it. But I don't know, maybe I didn't put it all the way and she just snuck out, I really can't even tell you," a tearful Catherine Gonzalez said.

    Currently, Gonzalez is fighting to keep custody of Destiny and her two sisters but Child Protection Services in Texas has said it is not taking the children away solely because of the bus incident, claiming there are other issues. Gonzalez has denied the existence of other problems. A custody hearing will be held in a few weeks to determine the status of the children.