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    Discussing ETs - Opening Up

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-02-24 5th Journal TRANSCRIPT: ♥ iTunes podcast ♥ channel Intro: OMG. A part of me really can’t believe I’m doing this. Trust me; it was never my intention to come out with this stuff. I’ve kept it back, thinking it much better as private journal entries. Oh, yes, I’ve been experiencing this sort of stuff, this contact with other beings, for some time, now; though not as long as you might think. We are all waking-up so fast, these days, that the time sense of things, that way of viewing life, is becoming less and less useful. It just doesn’t tell you anything, anymore, when you ask someone how long they’ve been doing this or that. It’s fast becoming meaningless. So, anyway, just to be perfectly clear, I am not a contactee. I have not had, that I am aware of, anyway, and in this lifetime, any direct contact with extra-terrestrials. There, that will scatter a few folks away. Nothing like that kind of contact, here. What I am speaking of is energetic, or etheric contact, as some would call it. Telepathic exchanges, things like that. I am not ready to come out and talk much about that, however. If it’s relevant to Light, and to my path, fine. Otherwise, it’s just human fascination, just an ego sort of thing, and very mental, indeed. Most people’s questions about anything are all mentally based. It is the mind that questions. The heart just knows. Do you see this distinction? I really need you to, if you want to follow along with me. Otherwise, you’ll be bored to tears, ok? I just don’t care about the mind, and what it thinks. I have one. I use one. I don’t let it do the driving, that’s all. Okay, not to be harsh, or anything, but the mind will simply take over if you let it. And when it’s driving it’s too easy to lose track of heart. In other words, lose yourself. Literally. The mind is not who and what we are ... But it’s a lie...