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    Features of ZOMM: Loss Prevention, Speakerphone and 911 call


    by theZOMM

    100 views - Have you heard about ZOMM? It is the world's first wireless leash for mobile phones. CEO Henry Penix walks you through the three features of ZOMM -
    Tired of Losing your Cell Phone? ZOMM is the solution!

    ZOMM, a wireless leash for any Bluetooth-enabled phone, will sound an alarm if you walk away from your mobile phone, notifying you to turn around and retrieve your cell phone.

    Our award-winning cell phone leash has been called "One to Watch" by Bluetooth SIG. The ZOMM also features call notification with a fully-functioning speakerphone, noice-cancelling microphone, a panic alarm and a feature that allows you to call emergency assistance from anywhere in the world with just one press of a button. - An Alarmingly SMART way to keep from leaving your mobile phone behind!