Advertising Console chats about Cheryl Cole


    by ODN


    Black Eyed Peas frontman has been chatting about Cheryl Cole. Unfortunately it was not about their rumoured romantic relationship, instead he spoke about their working one.

    He said: "She has a big heart. She's kind and humble and likes music."

    Will was speaking at the annual party for luxury jewellers di Grosogno during the Cannes Film Festival where he made a surprise appearance.

    Cheryl Cole, who has been supporting the Black Eyed Peas on tour, was at the party to perform for the celebrity packed audience which included Lionel Ritchie, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton.

    The 26-year-old, who walked the red carpet in a Robert Cavalli gown, was rumoured to have been paid £250,000 for the 30 minute performance.

    Speaking about the gig the solo artist and X Factor judge said: "It's an honour to be here and performing here. I couldn't be in a more glamorous setting. Even as I was doing my sound check, the sun was going down, the sky was all orange, beautiful. I couldn't ask to be anywhere nicer."