Fans flock to see Hrithik Roshan at Kites premiere

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Earplugs were a must-have in London's Leicester Square on Tuesday night. There were deafening screams for actor Hrithik Roshan.

The star, 36, has appeared in more than 20 Bollywood films and is one of the most idolised stars in his native India. But he somehow found a way to avoid the fans when he arrived in London.

"I've walked these streets all by myself without anybody noticing me," revealed Roshan.

He hit the red carpet to unveil the international version of his film Kites. US director Brett Ratner re-edited the romantic, action-adventure in the hope of reaching a wider audience. The result is Kites: The Remix.

Explaining how he got involved, Ratner said: "I'm friends of the Roshan family who made the movie and they asked me to watch it and said 'would you tell us what you think, what would you do to release this in America'. So I said: 'I would cut it down and change the music'. And they said: 'Would you do that for us and I said: 'Ok'."

Kites is released in the UK on May 21, while Kites: The Remix is out a week later.