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    Tourists Flock to Patnitop Hill Station to Beat the Heat


    by NTDTelevision

    The mercury has been soaring in parts of India, topping 120 degrees in some areas. So to beat the heat, people are flocking to the plains resort of Patnitop hill station.

    Tourists are flocking to the Patnitop hill station to beat the soaring temperatures in the plains.

    Patnitop is situated 70 miles from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and lies more than 65-hundred feet above sea level.

    Tourists find the place a relief from the hot weather in the plains during the warm summer months.

    [Mita Vyas, Tourist from Gujarat]: Hindi female
    "The environment here is very nice. In Gujarat the weather is too hot. Temperatures sometimes rise up over 120 degrees Fahrenheit… but here the weather is cool. We are really enjoying it."

    Among the main attractions of Patnitop are picnic spots, serene walking paths and magnificent views of the mountains in the backdrop of the Chenab River basin.

    [Vidyat Panda, Tourist from Bihar]: English
    "It's really a beautiful place. The atmosphere over here is peaceful and calm. So people generally enjoy over here. So it's a good place. All the people should once come over here and enjoy the beauty of nature."

    Patnitop is one of the best-developed tourist spots in the state.

    The natural beauty, dense pine forests and flourishing green landscape of this hill resort makes it a popular tourist destination.