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    Haulin Hooks video introduction


    by HypertrophyLLC

    Now that you’ve been spared the disappointment of not getting what you thought you paid for, can I ask what it is you’re actually looking for? If you thinking “weightlifting straps and/or weightlifting hooks moron!” No offense taken! In fact I salute you as a fellow resistance fighter who’s definitely not going to the gym for yoga classes! No I’d guess you’ve been engaging in some serious weight banging to have gotten to the point of grip failure. And no self respecting lifter is going to let a little grip slip keep them from getting Bigger and Stronger! You won’t and I didn’t. Well for the most part anyway. You see, long before I invented the Haulin’ Hooks brand of lifting hooks, the only grip help to be found in the Iron game was common weightlifting straps. You know, those cute little nooses you slip your hands into and yes while I admit they did do the job (as long as you held tight) I never quite got used to having my wrist strangled until my hands “tapped out”, forcing me to hurl the load into the rack before I dropped it! Not only that but the tedious, time consuming strap-n-wrap added way too much time to my fast paced Bodybuilder workouts. Needless to say those weightlifting straps kept me searching for better. And before long better came the padded weightlifting straps, which cured the wrist choke, but still took too long to wrap for my tastes. The next advancement in the weightlifting wrist strap category was the “griping pad” type which I confess was faster to use but still didn’t allow me to train beyond hand failure without dropping the load. This is what eventually got me looking into those “new” weightlifting hooks a dude was telling me about. These hooks seemed good in theory so I coughed up the loot and bought myself a set. The first thing I noticed was the fact that (to my amazement) they had ZERO wrist padding! Not only that but I couldn’t tighten them down on my wrist! It only got better from there as I soon found the “one size fits all” hook placement had the bar ...