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    Reid Baer & The Red Book

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer

    The Red Book
    By Reid Baer

    I’m unable to keep pace with my own terms or
    thoughts flying ahead instead of staying behind

    this perturbed brain easily enough I lose sight
    of such fleeting symbols that could spell out – yes - by

    this hand! I’d rather be ripping off another
    man’s well expressed work than go insane over words

    too difficult to pursue so I steal them like
    a pilfered coin from a purse what with the gold there

    is ain’t his anyway. I’ll lie consciously in
    an awkward moment declaring myself as is

    to impress a fellow traveler by moving these
    letters around restlessly running here and there -

    ‘tis only my ill gotten gains against my will -
    I pull everything down and hastily rebuild.