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    Jammu and Kashmir Residents Call for Electricity


    by NTDTelevision

    Parts of India's Jammu and Kashmir are practically living in the dark. Electricity has not been set up in parts of the state, but residents want to see that change.

    More than 35 villages in the Doda district in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state have lived without electricity for decades. But now villagers want that to change.

    Some say it’s a major issue that the government hasn’t taken seriously.

    [Ghulam Rasool, Villager]: (gender unknown, Urdu)
    "The ministers are well aware of our electricity crisis. At election time, they promised that electricity will be provided within three days but nothing has been done yet."

    But local officials say they have proposed a plan to solve the crisis and are waiting for authorization.

    [Jameel Ahmed, Exec. Engineer, Doda District, Jammu & Kashmir]: (male, Hindi)
    "We have proposed schemes to solve the electricity crisis problem in the area. We are now waiting for those schemes to be approved. Once the schemes are approved then all the problems will be solved."

    Locals are forced to use traditional means of light, like oil lamps, firewood and candles to carry out their routine tasks.