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    Beijing "Pedicab God" Narrowly Escapes Deadly Crash


    by NTDTelevision

    A pedicab driver in Beijing is being hailed the “Pedicab God” by Chinese netizens. The driver narrowly missed being hit by two cars involved in a deadly car accident.

    A roadside surveillance camera recorded this accident in Beijing on Sunday, May 9th.

    At around 5:30 a.m., a white Fiat stops at an intersection on Chang’an Avenue. Moments later, a black Infinity slams into it from behind. The Infinity ricocheted after hitting a turning bus.

    In the chaos, this pedicab drives through the intersection unscathed. First he drives past the turning bus, and misses the Infinity that had ricochet after the crash. Then he continues driving, passing the Fiat which was spinning out of control.

    After this miraculous escape, Chinese netizens are hailing the pedicab driver the “Pedicab God.”

    While the pedicab driver escaped the crash, passengers in the white Fiat weren’t so lucky. The driver and his youngest twin daughter died in the crash. The mother survived but suffered extensive injuries. Chinese media reports the driver of the black Infinity was driving drunk and fled after the crash. He was arrested by police later that afternoon.