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    India Testfires Nuclear-Capable Missile


    by NTDTelevision

    And topping headlines in India. A missile capable of carrying a nuclear bomb was tested yesterday. It's capable of traveling more than 12-hundred miles.

    India has successfully test-fired the Agni-II, an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile with a range of 1245 miles.

    [W. Selvamurthy, Chief Controller, India Defense Research]: (English)
    "Agni-II is a strategic missile; (it) has a range capability up to 2,000-kilometers plus and it can carry nuclear warheads, being a strategic missile. We have successfully test-fired today and this has been carried out by the Strategic Force Command."

    The surface to surface missile is nuclear capable.

    It was launched from Wheeler Island off the coast of eastern Orissa on Monday, and is a medium to inter-continental range ballistic missiles developed by India.

    According to the Chief Controller of the Defense Research and Development Organization, they’re now be looking at longer range missiles, over 3,000 miles, and with the capability of carrying multiple warheads.