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    66 views | Summer Rental Myrtle Beach SC Myrtle Beach Vacations Website: Phone Number: +1-(425)-497-2055 or +1-(888)-498-6472. Everyone feels the stress of the workplace at one time, combined with the winter blues and it is often times perfect to get away when the weather is nice. Although there are many different places to vacation at, the warm sun, and the Summer Rental at Myrtle Beach,SC make for the perfect place to take a vacation to. Combine all that with the ease of finding a place to stay from Rent Expert, you can book your vacation away from hotels and start celebrating as soon as it is booked. Rent Expert makes it easier on you, all you need to know is how many rooms you need, amenities that you require, how long you will be staying for, and Rent Experts will take care of the rest. You will be able to enjoy the relaxing beaches, and the exciting nightlife of Myrtle Beach. Summer Rentals at Myrtle Beach,SC is part of the Grand Strand, and located right on the Atlantic Ocean. Over 14 million people visit the beach each year, to spend time on the 60 miles of beach, its no wonder it has been named the number one family beach in America. There is something to do for everyone in your group including: - Fine restaurants, and family dining. - Different amusement and water parks in the area. - Live entertainment as part of the nightlife. - Cultural and historic activities and sites. - Outlet malls, specialty shopping, and boutique stores to find all kinds of interesting things. - Golfing, freshwater, ocean, and deep sea fishing, along with many more activities. The owners of Rent Expert realized the difficulty that came with planning a vacation for yourself or your family, and have simplified the entire process with their website. On their website you can find all the information that you need to book the vacation of your dreams. All you need to do is fill out a few simple things, and Rent Expert will find you a place to stay that is ...