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    Bercow re-elected unopposed as speaker


    by ODN


    John Bercow has been re-elected unopposed as Speaker of the House of Commons.

    Critics had been expected to force a vote on the re-appointment of Mr Bercow as dozens of new MPs took their seats in the House for the first time since the election.

    But his opponents failed to force a vote and - in the traditional manner - he was dragged to the chair of the House by supporters.

    Several MPs did shout "No" when his re-election was moved by new Father of the House Sir Peter Tapsell.

    But their objections were overwhelmed by a mighty roar in favour of his re-appointment and Sir Peter refused to call a formal division.

    The House was packed with many MPs unable to get a seat and having to stand as Tory leader David Cameron arrived to cheers and applause after becoming Prime Minister in one of the most keenly fought elections for decades.

    In an historic move, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg sat beside him on the Government front bench. The rest of the Liberal Democrats took up their places on the Government side of the House below the gangway, with Labour lined up on the Opposition benches.