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    HK Missing Autistic Yu Man-hon&Iraq President Saddam Hussein

    John John Wong

    by John John Wong

    Prediction Technology & Mathelogical Ascertainment of Events (PT&MAE) shows that U.S.A. military force attacked Iraq in A.D.2003 will catalize the formation of Islam Military Alliance & Communism Military Alliance. The peak times of World War III will be in A.D.2009, A.D.2012 & A.D.2016. At the point of view of mathelogical investigation, World War III is continuous and will last from A.D.2003 to A.D.2016 because World War III is a struggle for supremacy between Islam & Communism against U.S.A. Alliance. In A.D.2012, Israel will be ruined partially by nuclear weapons. The World War III will kill 1.5 billions of people. Jesus Christ will descend onto the Earth on Monday, 22nd Feb., 2016. PT&MAE also reveals that The People's Republic of China will unify with Taiwan in A.D.2012. U.S.A. will become lonesome in the United Nations beginning in A.D.2012.

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