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    Shelter: Government must tackle housing crisis


    by ODN


    The housing charity Shelter has urged the new coalition government to tackle the country's housing crisis as an urgent priority.

    The group claims the recession has exacerbated the UK's shortage of affordable homes, with 1.8 million households currently on the council house waiting list.

    It warned that more than 50,000 people expected to have their homes repossessed this year - and that figure will only get worse in the future.

    In a survey of 150 MPs from the previous parliament, some 72 per cent rated housing in the top three of constituency problems. From that figure some 49 per cent said it was the most common problem raised by their constituents.

    The charity has offered guidance and advice to new MPs, as they expect more people to ask for help this year.

    Chief Executive of Shelter Campbell Robb said: "As well as being a vital issue for local people, addressing the housing crisis must now be an urgent priority for the new Government.

    "We are offering our expertise and resources to all new and existing MPs as they start the difficult job of dealing with their constituents' very real housing problems on the ground."