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    47 views | Upholstery Cleaning Alpharetta GA Upholstery Cleaning Alpharetta GA | http://CarpetCleaningExpertsAtlanta.comHttp:// Upholstery Cleaning Alpharetta GA (877) 647-5585. If you live in Alpharetta GA, have you ever asked yourself these questions about upholstery cleaning or wondered? “Don’t you just wet the upholstery and vacuum it off? How can that be? There doesn’t look like there is a lot of material to clean compared to cleaning carpets.” People ask these type of questions all the time. The carpet cleaning experts at F.W. Services have been cleaning all types of fabric, material, and upholstery since 1972. You can see for yourself by visiting their site at or simply calling them at (877) 647- 5585. Upholstery cleaning requires more detailed work and knowledge of different types of fabric to properly and safely clean upholstery. Applying the right cleaning solution determines how clean the upholstery gets but also ensures any colors like greens, blues, or reds don’t bleed or fade. Also, if upholstery is not dried properly, cushions will shrink. The carpet cleaning experts at F.W. Services not only have 40 years of upholstery cleaning, they are IICRC Certified Upholstery Cleaning. The means that they have experience on how to identify and clean fabrics such as nylon, wool, polyester, silk, and cotton. They are detailed and thorough in there cleaning and use a dryer to blow dry the cushions and body frame so that your sofa, loveseat, and chair will be ready for use in just a few hours. If you live in Alpharetta GA or in any of the following zip codes (30338, 30004, 30022, 30076, 30075, 30068, 30319, 30328, 30327 and 30062) then contact F.W. Services for your upholstery cleaning needs. You can learn more at or by calling them at (877) 647-5585.