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    New measures to lessen ash disruption


    by ODN


    Flight restrictions have been lifted at all UK airports as the volcanic ash cloud has drifted away from British airspace.

    New measures that will minimise future disruption to flights caused by volcanic ash clouds are being introduced, according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

    The CAA said a Time Limited Zone had been agreed, in which it will be safe to allow flights for a limited time at higher ash densities than are currently allowed.

    To operate in the new zone, airlines need to present the CAA with a safety case that includes the agreement of their aircraft and engine manufacturers.

    UK airline Flybe is the first to achieve this and will be able to use the new zone.

    The CAA said this meant that areas of UK airspace that would have previously been closed can safely open, further minimising flight disruption.

    CAA chief executive Andrew Haines said: "I'm pleased that the huge efforts we're all making across aviation to keep flying safe, while minimising the disruption from the volcano, have resulted in further progress."