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    Small plane crashes into house in Florida


    by ODN


    A small plane has crashed into a house in Florida.

    Authorities in the city of Clearwater say no one inside was injured even though there were several people at home at the time.

    The light aircraft hit the roof of one house and landed in the back garden.

    Three people were on board the Piper PA-46, which had come from Clearwater Airpark, but no one suffered life-threatening injuries.

    Home owner Richard Cetroli says he was eating breakfast when he heard a big explosion: "I thought it was a big car accident or a propane tank. I looked out my front window and I saw a big ball of flame in my front yard."

    Cetroli ran outside and helped pull the door off the plane and rescue one of the women inside. Neighbours used garden hoses to help prevent the fire from spreading.

    Other witnesses have described the flight of the plane as "wobbly" just before the crash. One says he heard a plane flying overhead and then a large boom and the neighbourhood filled with smoke.