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    Youngest round-the-world sailor arrives home

    And Finally

    by And Finally


    Australians have gathered around Sydney harbour to welcome back teenager Jessica Watson from her record round-the-world sailing adventure.

    The 16-year-old is said to be the youngest person to sail non-stop, solo and unassisted around the world.

    But her record has been questioned with claims that she has not sailed far enough.

    She will also not be recognised by the World Speed Sailing Record Council, as it has ended its under-18 category.

    The Australian's support team says she has sailed nearly 23,000 nautical miles but the influential Sail-World website said she had not gone far enough north of the equator to claim a true circumnavigation of the globe, according to the rules of the World Speed Sailing Record Council.

    Ms Watson said: "If I haven't been sailing around, then it beats me what I've been doing out here all this time!"