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    Swingtime ! Fud Candrix - Broadway Shuffle


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    One of Belgiums greatest bandleaders was Fud Candrix - born in 1908 the Belgian city of Tongeren (quite close to where I live). A well known sax player, he formed his own band in 1936 and signed with Telefunken in late 1930s. He recorded with the likes of Django Reinhardt and also toured Germany during the Second World War and played at Berlin's legendary Delphi Palast (April-August 1942)... The Fud Candrix band was also heard in the movie "Wir machen Musik". After the War Candrix continued to enjoy great popularity (he seems not to have suffered the fate of his colleague Stan Brenders) until the end of the big band era.... Fud Candrix died in 1974

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    "Broadway Shuffle" was composed by Jack Bulterman - of "Ramblers" fame and recorded on 28 April 1941.

    The video features images of New York and Broadway.
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