Powers of Pain WWF debut

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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/16/88 (Taped 6/21/88)


Barbarian = Animal, & Warlord = Hawk
By TheFutureJaros 4 years ago
I will never understand why Vince thought The Powers Of Pain could be credible faces. It was a good move to have them feud with The Bolsheviks but when they fought Demolition, they were the de facto heels vs. them in every arena. Having Baron Von Raschke as their manager didn't help. At least they made the double switch and turned the Demos faces and the Powers heel.

Reason the Powers went to the WWF was because they were fired from the NWA for not wanting to lose a series of scaffold matches to the Road Warriors. I don't blame them for refusing; I don't want my career (or possibly) my life ended from wrestling in scaffold matches.
By Alex Forsyth 4 years ago