The Fairytale Experiment preview

Rose Robin

by Rose Robin

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WINNER OF THE INDIE FILM FEST AWARD OF MERIT FOR FEATURE DOCUMENTARY. WINNER OF THE ACCOLADE COMPETITION AWARD OF MERIT. The documentary "The Fairytale Experiment" The story starts with two good friends, Charlotte Gaspard and Rose Robin, who undertake the feat of organizing a road trip around the USA, to prove that it is possible to be a self sufficient performance group in America. Charlotte, the director and creator of The Theater of the Magical Real, would be performing improvised fairy-tales with her group of actors. Rose would be painting live and street performing. Without really knowing what they were in for, Charlotte bought a yellow school bus and named it "Lunette, The Fairytale Express". She had no real knowledge about buses, she didn't know what a lug wrench was, let alone think to buy a spare tire. Rose films the road trip holding the camera off her shoulder, having never filmed before. There are many characters that come along for the ride in the hippie style school bus. The artists face problems and hardships, break downs, getting conned and running out of money. They meet many amazing people who help them out of sticky situations. They go though thick and thin together, but always have a smile and a laugh as they learn more than one lesson on the road. The tour ends with the group of friends breaking up, and every one going their separate ways. The documentary unravels to be a fairy-tale in its own right. The Fairy-Tale Experiment is a band of artists from different places and cultures, who traveled for 4 months together performing around the USA meeting other artists and improvising with them. The documentary brings to light what's happening in each state they traveled though and shows a side of America and Americans you don't see very often.