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    Kai Druhl

    by Kai Druhl


    Mike Klingler has finally spilled the beans: You must have your own marketing funnel if you want to make it big in internet network marketing.

    You must have your own lead capture page, you must have your own free info product, and you must have your own low cost front end product.

    That is the only way you can build your own list, and not somebody elses.

    Look here, friends, isn't this what Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg and the others have told us all along? You need to promote yourself, You Inc, not Magnetic Renegade Inc. No offence, Mike and Ann, I greatly respect you.

    Plus, you need the income from your front end product to generate free leads. Your affiliate commission will not cut it any more.

    This makes some sense, doesn't it? And even better, Mike Klingler is promising to take you all the way, from designing your own funnel from scratch to producing the whole thing, in his Marketing Funnel Mastery Course. 12 lessons with hands on training for $997. I certainly recommend it if you can afford it.

    If not, you still need to move in that direction, and begin to make some real money. And really, it is not all that difficult. Find out how you can begin to build your own internet marketing funnel today. Visit me at my site below, and request the Internet Starter Kit, complete with your free personal lead capture site, free hosting, auto responder and detailed marketing instructions.