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    New Robin Hood movie rides into cinemas


    by ODN


    Robin Hood opens in cinemas across the UK this weekend.

    Russell Crowe takes on the title role in this new Ridley Scott movie, which is the fifth time the actor and director have worked together after Gladiator, American Gangster, Body Of Lies and A Good Year.

    As with Casino Royale and Batman Returns, this movie takes us back to the days before Robin became Robin Hood, living as an outlaw in Nottingham Forest with Maid Marion played by Cate Blanchett.

    Meanwhile, Matthew Macfadyen plays the Sheriff and Mark Strong takes on the role of the baddy Godfrey. The actor explain why he thinks Russell makes such a great Robin: "The origins elements of it, a guy finding out where he comes from, Russell manages to nails really well because as an actor he's so proficient that you feel for this guy who's trying to find out about his history.

    And physically, I think his age and his strength is something that we haven't seen in Robin Hood before."

    Robin Hood is out in cinemas now.