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    Bidet Review | Brondell Swash 800


    by bidetsplus


    - Scene 1 -

    Hi, this is Raquel with bidetsPLUS and today we’ll be reviewing the Brondell Swash 800. From the front, you can see the unit is all white and more compact looking than other bidets we carry. We note the Swash 800 has the same exact body as the Swash 550, except that the 550 has a control panel, while the 800 uses a remote control.

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    Aesthetically, the Swash series from Brondell is one of the best looking bidets you’ll find. The designers did a really good job creating smooth, rolling lines that blend in nicely with the surface. The beveled edge around the lid is an example of this, which looks great as it slopes down towards the front of the unit.

    From left to right, the unit measures just 15 inches wide. At these dimensions, it’s one of the most compact bidets on the market. This probably adds to its clean, sleek look.

    - Scene 3 -

    The bidet works with a dual nozzle system.