TOKYODV CLASSICS: Sex, Drugs, Japanese Love Hotels (HD)


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Valentines Day is unique in Japan; only women give gifts. (Although, there are signs this is changing). Men give white chocolate one month later; White Day on March 14th..

Why? I think it helps men avoid social mistakes of what to give to whom. Although, it mainly has to do with chocolate companies creating another lucrative holiday.

Actually, this video doesnt have much to do with Japanese Valentines Day, but it was released around that time. (What you see in the video is more common on Christmas; Christmas is 'dating' season in Japan..)

I stumbled into an adult shop and filmed some of the items on sale. Youll see magic mushrooms (now illegal), and other types of stimulants. There are also some shots of popular love hotels in Shibuya..

Sex, drugs, and love hotels.

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