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    ET Rescuers and Victimhood 3 of 3

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-05-11 3rd Journal TRANSCRIPT: iTunes podcast channel Intro: As I look out upon the Internet, visiting each one’s page who subscribes to or befriends me, I find many things. Mostly, I find joy in our connection, and in your Light, the Light of the One made manifest, so uniquely in each one. The variety in people is stunningly amazing. Sometimes I’m brought to tears by your beauty, your special light. You’re all quite wonderful. :) VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS Something I do keep finding, though, I might label as a bit of a victim consciousness. I recognize it so well because I once had it, in greater measure. No, I don’t purport to be completely free of this, or any energy, now or ever. We are all where we are, doing the best we can do, and that is fine. That is beautiful, actually. So, what I would bring is some blessing that might flow through, to highlight the effects, at least, of having a victim consciousness. Victims can be very powerful people. Their victimhood hides under that guise. Did you know that? I WAS STRONG - I WAS STILL A VICTIM Mine hid under being strong, having to endure great suffering, great pain, and terribly challenging situations, while yet raising a daughter. Yes, as the parents among you guessed, the daughter, herself, presented quite a number of the challenges. :) I was strong. I was enduring. I was determined. I was no complainer. For all this, I thought rather well of myself, but was no bragger, either. Trust me when I say that most of our energies, beliefs, and challenges are not conscious; they abide in the sub and the unconscious being...