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    robinson crusoe of clipper island - tv series


    by thoriynn

    257 views presents you the new TV series added for you to watch online. Here's a little review:
    Follow the adventures of Mala, starring a 14 episode series in which he acts as U.S. Intelligence government agent investigating sabotage on Clipper Island.
    A bunch of spies causes the eruption of a volcano, for which our hero is blamed. He convinces the local Princess Melani of his innocence and assists her avoid a coup by rival high priest Porotu.
    And don’t forget animal stars Buck and Rex – as our hero explores the thrilling enigmas that burst on Clipper Island!
    The set takes place from San Francisco to the oceans, from the skies (aboard an airship) to tropical islands where the natives are as likely as not to offer visitors to the local volcano.
    Followed by George Lucas as a child, these serials – including Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon were his great inspiration for the creation of the future Star Wars saga.