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    Deep Water Culture - DIY Hydroponics


    by thegrowshow

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    Don't be fooled by imitations. Don't be fooled by high price lines. What you're looking at here is a 3.5 gallon bucket, a 10 inch net pot, a single air pump, a pack of rock wool, some air tubing, an air pump and your hydroton. What we have here is everything you need to do a simple, one-piece hydroponic, deep water culture unit. Today we have a 70 liter high-output active aqua airpump. This one can power up to eight buckets. We have it going on three today. The deep water culture process is when the roots grow down into the water, then are fed with nutrients via the airpump. If you would like to do more, you can upgrade your airpump, and add them in a line. You get some more buckets and some more tops. You can get many of these in a series and have more plants growing. This is all available at our Ann Arbor store location at 4095 Stone School Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan or on the web at