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    Bidet Video


    by bidetsplus


    - Scene 1 -

    So, you’ve just finished your business on the toilet and typically what you would do is reach for the toilet paper, right? Well, with a bidet, you won’t be doing that anymore.

    - Scene 2 -

    Instead, all you do is press “Wash” on the bidet’s control panel. This will activate a soothing, aerated wash. Studies have shown that the typical person washes for about 15 seconds, but this will vary from person to person.

    - Scene 3 -

    When you’re done washing, press the “Dry” button on the control panel to activate the warm air dry. This will help dry any residual moisture, and is one of the bidet’s most popular features.

    - Scene 4 -

    That’s it. You’re all done. Your first paperless experience.