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    BEHIND THE GREEN CURTAIN 3of4: False Environmentalism, Corpo


    por TheLibertyChannel

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    A documentary on how fake, foundation and NGO-run environmentalism, is used to take over land resources from the people, in favor of corporatist financial interests.
    This is now global UN policy, under Agenda 21 and the REDD program. REDD is particularly insidious in that it is based on the global warming scam: it purports to combat 'dangerous' CO2 emissions by cutting off the agricultural use of the land, via the creation of ‘carbon sinks’.
    REDD is (along with speculation and the lunatic use of cereals for biofuels) one of the main keys to the current ‘global food crisis’.
    By taking over the land and food production, you effectively take over the lives of a people. Every totalitarian in History has enacted that principle. And it is one of the main vectors of UN policy, which is then adopted at national levels by govts and armies of foundations and NGOs.