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    Generate Totally Free Electricity DIY Magnetic Power ...


    by chubaiw

    3 112 views - Generate Totally Free Electricity DIY Magnetic Power Generator - We all must have heard about the magnetic generator but do you know the method of generating cheap electricity in your home using it? In order to understand how the energy is generated you have to clearly note certain things. Like how does it generate this power? You will also have to know that until the magnetic generator power itself it cannot power anything else. The amount of electricity generated depends upon the quantity of the magnet. Generating electricity is totally free. Once you are able to have the machine started, you do not have to bother about production of the electricity as it will produce as much energy as you want to light up your entire house. So the process of generating energy depends on the theory based upon "opposite poles attract each other". As the magnet pole repel, the energy is generated which get captured by the magnetic forces which are in generator. Learning about how to generate cheap electricity is an easy job and all you have to know is how to do it. The quantity of the energy generation depends on the magnet pole. If they push against each other more, the production of the energy increases. The only way to stop the energy from being generated is by taking out one of the magnet.It is a continuous and constant source of energy until you pull out the magnet. Any time the magnets are available to form attraction and repulsion, the energy will be produced by the magnetic power generator. The method is quite simple on which it operates and this is how it generates cheap electricity in a easy manner. The only investment required to make the whole magnetic generator work is only the initial investment like buying the magnet etc. Other than that it will generate the electricity absolutely free of cost. You need not worry any more about your electricity bills and if you can generate more power you can completely forget about it. Another advantage of this method is that you need not to ...