Self As Our Solar System

Theresa-Ann Harvey
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2009-09-06 3rd Journal TRANSCRIPT: I am on and iTunes podcast, now. Come join me :) Thanks! Intro: Oh, you know so much, inside of you. Chances are, though, that one doesn’t yet have full contact with it, though we do all have access to it. It is enough to be the source for endless amazement...and that is really something. Think on those words: source for endless amazement. Yes, right within you, me, all of us... We have three years, dear friends, to do some pretty significant awakening. It is happening to everyone, all around us, too. Truly amazing! Time is being compressed, as it were, in seemingly impossible ways, as incredible lifetimes full of growth and development occur in a year, a month, a day. The Maya were right, you know, about us approaching the no-time, and how this all plays out. [ is a good source for all things Mayan Calendar.] Our ability to communicate with Spirit, with Source, develops perhaps the fastest. So many are trying our wings, being danced in the midst of this arising opening-up to communication. Perhaps one could consider me, and this blog, by way of training wheels, or even simple further confirmation for those who do just that. It seems Source may have that in mind...but who am I to say? :-) The message is unique, specific, for each one. Now, know that I have absolutely no commercial interest in anything in this blog. Thus, when I link to something, or recommend something, it is merely to bring to you something I have found exciting, okay? Here, I would like to recommend something by Timothy Freke, a short little one-hour audio book called “Lucid Living: An [Audio] Book that Will Turn your World Inside Out.” The title is not an empty promise. We all serve in our own way. Oh, and while I’m at it, Gregg Braden; practically anything by Gregg Braden is excellent, and pretty widely available on the Net...