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    You Share Identity with EVERYthing

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2010-05-11 2nd Journal TRANSCRIPT: On Scribd - Intro: I’ve found that crystal helps. My mind doesn’t understand it one bit, but I have a seriously close relationship with all crystal, especially the rock crystal variety. All over the planet, [any planet,] wherever it is, whether deep underground or not, I am there. Go figure. Actually, don’t. It won’t do any good. :) You share identity with everything. You could start there. Even mind can grasp that, considering quantum entanglement’s reality. All our atoms are entangled. They’re quite connected, and this has been sufficiently proved in the labs to be named like that: quantum entanglement. Quite fascinating Don’t go off on a mind trip, though, or you’ll lose me, here. Stick with me. Stay in heart. So, you share actual, physical, very real identity with everything that is. Don’t think about it too much. Just begin to feel it. Accept it. Now feel it. It’s way past time to begin shedding identity with the form of your body, you know. That’s not you. Or rather, that’s not the whole of you. It’s just the tiniest part. I’ll link you over, here, to the journal, I Am 1% of Me, for a read or a listen, if you like. Let me pause here to let the hurried ones know that, no matter whether you’re reading or listening to this, the other experience is available through a link in both formats. Just a click away, as they say, so suit yourself. Back to identifying with your greater Self, now. That’s what all of Cosmos is, you see: your Greater Self. Ever thought of it that way? Come on, what’s a body, anyway? Isn’t it just a container for a portion of you? Okay, maybe you thought it was a container for you. Hope (‘typo’ for nope), happy to disappoint you, there. The vastness of your very own being is awesome. Sit still with that for a few moments. Vastness... awesome... This is the reality the controllers have tried their level best to keep hidden from you. They had to, in order to maintain control and ...