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    Chess Champion Plays Against Students in Israel


    by NTDTelevision

    Garry Kasparov was for many years the irrevocable World Champion of Chess. At Tel Aviv University in Israel, he made an extraordinary come back.

    Kasparov played against thirty students from the university and children from a scientific research group. After four hours of suspense, Kasparov defeated the last player.

    Some of the children that participated in the game were under the age of nine.

    The youngest player was eight-year-old Saar Drori, a chess champion from Israel. He used to play with older children, but playing against Kasparov was a memorable experience.

    [Saar Drori, Chess Player]: (Male, Hebrew)
    "He was very aggressive during the game. I was able to resist him until I failed."

    Maybe Saar has a chance to be the next Kasparov.

    [Dan Drori, Saar Drori’s Trainer]: (Male, Hebrew)
    "Saar is very talented and modest. He has the ability to learn from his mistakes. Each of his failure is a new lesson. I believe that he has the potential to become a champion."

    The young player did his homework before the game.

    [Saar Drori, Chess Player]: (Male, Hebrew)
    "My trainer and I watched a lot of Kasparov’s games from the past to learn his technique."

    Saar’s dream is to play chess with Kasparov once again.

    This report was made by Aviva Grunpeter Photographer: Anat Markram

    NTD Tel Aviv, Israel