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    Wallace and Gromit recreate Maradona's Hand of God


    by ODN

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    Many England fans may still bear the scars of Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God', but animation favourites Wallace and Gromit have recreated their own version in a new TV ad.

    Supporting England's 'Back the Bid 2018' campaign to host the World Cup, the new ad from npower promotes the idea that British businesses will be boosted if the country hosts the event.

    The animation shows Wallace & Gromit, the eternal entrepreneurs, all set to profit from a tournament in England with their madcap pie-making business â€" “WAG’s Pies Ltd”.

    As usual, their best-laid plans are threatened when Wallace’s latest invention â€" a pie-delivery machine â€" threatens the game with an errant pie.

    Gromit sprints through the stands and onto the pitch making a leap for the runaway pie. As he flies through the air and catches hold of the pie, his other paw accidentally makes contact with the football sending it hurtling past the goalie and into the goal.

    The advert ends with Wallace smugly viewing the success of his small business venture and Gromit enjoying a read of the local rag. The front page carries a photo of a very familiar dog scoring a goal under the headline “Hand of Dog”!