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    Mirrored Closet Doors


    by Brittanykarako

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    To celebrate the grand opening of our newest branch in San Francisco, 
    Closets Doors and Beyond would like to announce a limited time only sale beginning 
    April 2010, of up to 50% OFF on all doors.

    Do your closet doors need some remodeling or maybe even need to be entirely replaced? Then come to Closets Doors and Beyond and let us help you find the closet doors of your dreams. We guarantee that any products our designers specify for your project will carry a full warrantee and are top rated for safety as well. Our goal is not only to make sure you have an aesthetically pleasing pair of mirrored closet doors, but a functional one as well.

    Mirrored closet doors are specifically good for the bedroom if you don’t want to buy flimsy full length mirrors from a warehouse store, only to have to replace them soon after you have bought them. They also create the illusion that your room is actually larger than it really is adding square fo