Rhinoplasty and Septum Repair Beverly Hills

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Dr. Jason B. Diamond, head of The Diamond Institute of Beverly Hills, performs plastic surgery on Jasmine, a 26-year old from Chico, California. She undergoes rhinoplasty and septum repair for both cosmetic and reconstructive reasons. Jasmine is able to get rid of the bump on her nose and correct her obstructed breathing with the help of Dr. Diamond.

A former boxer, Jazmine had her nose broken at the age of 15. Now a rapper and signer, she decided to have the inside of her right nostril reconstructed so that she can breathe better on stage. Dr. Diamond was also able to straighten her nose, refine the tip, and smooth out the bump.

Dr. Diamond is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Visit his website to learn more about your options with rhinoplasty.