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    Michael Douglas talks about his son


    by ODN


    Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas has spoken out about the pain his family suffered after his eldest son, Cameron, was jailed for five years.

    31-year-old Cameron Douglas pleaded guilty in New York to dealing large amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine and possessing heroin.

    Michael attended the hearing with his first wife Diandra at the sentencing in April and both looked visibly upset as they left the court.

    In a recent interview, Michael said: "I have had some serious adversity with my older son, and but that has been resolved and hopefully he will be in a good place in a few years."

    Meanwhile Michael is keeping busy with his acting career and is due to visit the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of his new movie, "Wall Street 2" in which he reprises his role as stockbroker Gordon Gekko.