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    Major concessions to make coalition work


    by ODN


    It will take more than super-glue to hold this coalition together. The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives are not natural bedfellows - and even men and women of the utmost goodwill will surely find it an immense burden to share government with people whose political instincts are diametrically opposed to their own.

    The success of this deal is perhaps underpinned by what has been conceded by both parties.

    So what price did each party pay to work with each other in this coalition?

    The Tories have agreed to plans for fixed-term parliaments lasting five years.They will work towards raising the income tax threshold to £10,000. The Lib Dems will get the enhanced 'pupil premium' they want for schools, and the Tories have agreed to shelve plans to raise the inheritance tax threshold. But perhaps the biggest concession of all is a referendum on an alternative voting system.

    The Lib Dems have had to compromise too.The Tories will have their way on dealing with the deficit more quickly. There will be a cap on non-EU immigration. The Lib Dems will shelve their plans for a 'mansion tax' on million-pound homes. They will drop their opposition to replacing Britain's Trident nuclear missiles.

    The Tories get their own promise of a referendum - before any new powers are ceded to Brussels.