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    Sydney Welcomes Birth of Baby Orange Monkey


    by NTDTelevision

    At Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, an exotic bright orange baby monkey was the centre of attention. The two and half week old leaf-eating monkey was the first male of its kind to be born in Australia.

    At Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, the first male Francois Langur, or leaf-eating monkey, to be born in Australia, came outside with his mother on Monday to have his pictures taken.

    Gan Ju, who is now two and a half weeks old, is bright orange but will darken as he matures.

    He was born on April 22nd and cradled by his mother Saigon but, his sister, Elke, who was born in March of last year was rejected at birth.

    It is common for Francois Langur monkey first time mothers to reject their first born unless they have been exposed to other females giving birth, so zoo staff had to raise her.

    It looks like all is good for Gan Ju, though.

    The leaf-eating monkey is common in the wild throughout Vietnam and China but because of the threat of poaching and loss of habitat, numbers may have dwindled to about 1,000 of the monkeys left.

    Births such as Gan Ju are important as the species is facing a real risk of extinction.