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    Yuuki Aoi -- Brand New Science 04


    by nakanokimi

    Aged about 14, Yuuki Aoi is the presenter of Japanese science show The Brand New Science. Now 18, Ao-chan has vastly improved her skills and is becoming a well-known anime seiyuu.

    The clip is about three minutes of a 15-minute show about undersea methane and methane hydrate, a white deposit on the ocean floor that could become an important source of natural gas. The first minute shows Ao-chan in two guises -- the main presenter, docile white Ao-chan, and her alter ego, black Ao-chan, who spices the show with doubts and questions.The second minute shows a Tokyo University professor talking about methane hydrate. And the third minute shows the two Ao-chans again.

    This is the fourth in a series of six shows on various science topics, presented on Science Channel by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. They can all be seen in their entirety here: