Super 8 - Teaser Trailer

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by Dread Central

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NEXT summer....i get to wait a whole year...yay...will i still care by then?
By bob guggolz 5 years ago
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By ginabodz 5 years ago
I like the quick homage to Close Encounters of 3rd - where the pickup truck is at the train crossing

but no truck is going to cause a train de-railment like that
By Beaux 5 years ago
goprobe, don't try to fool me, there is no such thing as free webcam, you could be a hacker if all I know.
By vgsjim777 5 years ago
I'm sure this is just a movie with empty promises, a suspenseful trailer, does not cut it. Face it there is nothing else to make movies out of, no more orginal ideas.
By vgsjim777 5 years ago
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