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    Greeks Support Protests but Won't Participate


    by NTDTelevision

    And in Greece, the latest polls on the government economic austerity measures show most Greeks are opposed to them and will support protests, but many won't be participating in demonstrations.

    A poll conducted for established Greek newspaper "Kathimerini" shows that 66% of the public are against the Government's economic austerity measures and 77% feel they are unfair.

    The same poll, released on Sunday, showed however, that 70% of people believe the measures will be implemented, despite the public reactions to the plan.

    While 68% percent approve of strikes and protests to express opposition to the austerity package, 60% said they would not participate in the actions while 39% said they would.

    Some 59% believe the IMF/EU financial package was not the only solution for the economy, while 32% believe it was.

    The poll also showed a drop in trust for the prime minister and finance minister.

    The poll was published on May 9th. It was conducted on May 4, one day before massive demonstrations turned violent in the capital.

    Protesters threw a petrol bomb into a bank that was full of employees, killing three of them.

    Greece has been gripped by strikes and protests since a financial package from the EU, along with tough measures and cuts to stabilize the country's economy, were first announced.