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    Is Michael Jackson still alive? Rumour sweeps net


    by ODN

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    A website which claims Michael Jackson is still alive and posing as a famous American burns victim is attracting around one million hits per day.

    Rumours on Facebook and YouTube suggest the singer is masquerading as his 33-year-old friend Dave Dave, who was scalded as a child.

    Dave appeared on the American talkshow Larry King Live after Michael's death and clips of the interview have been posted online for analysis by fans.

    Some believe Dave's high-pitched voice bears a striking resemblance to Michael's, while others have commented that his eyes have changed colour from blue to brown - just like the late King of Pop's.

    A spokesman for Dave has attempted to quash the rumours by insisting his client is, in fact, busy studying to be a lawyer.

    Michael Jackson, who suffered a cardiac arrest on June 26 last year, was laid to rest at a cemetary in Hollywood.