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    Why Heather Mills is no fan of Piers Morgan


    by ODN


    Heather Mills is certainly no stranger to controversy and her straight-talking ways have earned her more than a few critics along the way.

    Now the former model has launched an angry attack on Piers Morgan - the man who introduced her to her ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney.

    When asked whether she is a fan of Britain's Got Talent, Heather said: "I can't stand Piers Morgan.

    "I just can't believe that the country has put a man on television who put pictures in the paper of British soldiers, risking their lives, urinating on Iraqi soldiers."

    She was referring to Morgan's decision to publish upsetting photos of British troops, in the early stages of the Iraq invasion, which later turned out to be hoaxes.

    The unwitting move eventually got him fired from his job as editor of the Daily Mirror in 2004.

    Heather continued: "Having worked in war zones for years and years and years and seen people die and risk their lives, I just thought that was disgusting. Now he's famous on that show and I just think that's really sad."