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    I Love Science


    by apojove

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    What a brilliant work of cinematography! It is no wonder that this fine young woman won this contest! She seems highly intelligent, she's funny and she is talented, creative, actress/ filmmaker. The work that this bright young woman will do for science will surely be astounding and help entice a whole new generation into loving science.

    Brava Ms. Carter.

    P.S. There's also the fact that she's gorgeous, that'll help the cause..... :)
    By joshtuna5 years ago
    I still think that your CERN particle accelerator is a bit better than just a cooking pan, but yes, non-stick is amazing! I love that pan, haven't had to scrape any food of a pan since we got it :)
    By JoPo936 years ago
    This video makes me love science!! It's hilarious, and gets the point through. And those suites are GENIUS ... WOW. She's also very dashing which makes it all the more convincing to me. Good luck on the contest!
    By LaundryFactor6 years ago
    OH MY LORD! THIS IS A PIECE OF CINEMATIC GENIUS! This girl is a artist and who ever she is she deserves to win the contest that she has entered this video in.
    By allisonshouldwin6 years ago
    Abrar Hussain
    OK this video was in overall creative and entertaining and definitely deserves more views. Everything was told normally but displayed in a comedic way. And the ending just looks funny (:
    By Abrar Hussain6 years ago
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