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    Why do I love science?


    by Amy-Gauthier


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    Perimeter Institute
    Please ensure that your video is uploaded to the DailyMotion "I Love Science" group, to be eligible for the contest:

    1.Go to
    2.Click ‘Upload a video to this group’. A login page appears.
    3.If you already have an account, log in. If you do not have account, create one at this time. Note that Dailymotion supports OpenID.
    4.Ensure you are at the I Love Science group page .
    5.Start uploading your video, as instructed. Then, enter the Title, Channel (Tech and Science), Tags, and Description, as appropriate.
    6.Once the upload is complete, click Save. Your video is uploaded, and appears on your Dailymotion page. Your video will be reviewed and, if approved, published to the contest group within 48 hours.
    By Perimeter Institute6 years ago