Stairway to heaven ( solo + rythm guitar + slide )

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por victor

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hey ! I hope you enjoy my video !
The audio was recorded with the USB conexion of the guitar effect procesor ZOOMG7.1ut in Cubase LE 4.
For edit the video I used Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. ( I put some parts of the video Led Zeppelin - Stairway to heaven Live From "The Song Remains the Same" )

I learn part of the song by ear some watching other people and some of the guitar tab songbook-led zeppelin-iv... but some times a little invented jeje.

Thank you for watch ! =)

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Ca envoie grave du paté mec le solo est super, le son est bon, que dire!! Géniale bravo car tu as du bosser!
Por AvallonZik hace 2 años