Hydrocity Zone Music With Lyrics by Thechio


par Fanatika

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Damn it
I can't believe I've fallen in this place
(I can't... I can't... I can't believe it)
Bloody water
Ain't nothing less than a complete disgrace
(A pain in the butthole)

Did Knuckles drop me in the island's sewer?
(That guy... that guy... can suck a penis)
Utter bastard
This is a total pile of horse manure
(Yes it's complete faeces)

Actually, gotta tell you
For a zone like this
(It's not too bad)
Transit through all this moisture
Is such a piece of piss
(Deceptively rad!)

It's like Chemical Plant Zone
And Labyrinth both screwed
(This is the lovechild!)
I feel as though I've been blown
Yes I'm aware that just sounds rude

I love Hydrocity
...Or is it 'Hydrossity'?
(Not that it matters)
It may be a sewage system
But it's pretty!

Sure there's plenty of fish
Who want to bite off my rear
(Not very nice, guys)
I don't care about that stuff, though
My arse has no fear!

Took out the boss
Now I am tumbling down
(Hardly the prize I had in mind)
Who gives a toss
It's not like I'm gonna drown
(That wall's chasing me from behind)

Looks like I'm going to get crushed flat
(And that is not very fun)
Evil death walls
Built by some sodding pink echidna twat
(Knuckles better run)

Okay made it
Now I can get right back to the fun stuff
(Except there's platforms here now)
No more patience
My ADHD's simply had enough
Oh wait a really big slide
(Okay it's awesome again)

I have got to say (Have got to say)
That this place rules (Totally rules)
It's an underground (An underground)
(That kicks your bum)
Really hard
I don't even mind (Don't mind at all)
All the missiles (Those damn missiles)
That just happen to be shaped (They're strangely shaped)
Like a pissed shark (Like a shark with hemorrhoids)

Whoa, hang on, there is Knuckles
What's that git doing here?
No, you've got to be screwing with me
I wish he'd disappear
That guy and his switches
Can just go fuck a spear
When I get out of this damp place I'll
Sodomise his ear

5 commentaires

C'est toi dégelasse.
Par Fanatika il y a 4 ans
MDR C'est deguelasse !
Par Rukasu Douns il y a 4 ans
je prefere largement celle la
Par spindash10 il y a 4 ans
Hey, je met l'original au moins. :p
Par Fanatika il y a 4 ans
elle est bien mais je prefere la 1 er bien bien comme meme
petit voleur de video mdr
Par Sai the writer il y a 4 ans